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    Post  KissShot on Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:43 pm

    Name: Daniel/Danny/Dan

    IGN: KissShot

    Age: 18

    Experience as a forum MOD: I have been a forum moderator for multiple enjin websties, and even forum mods for some maplestory private server forums.

    What you wish to do as a forum MOD: As a Forum Mod, I just want to clean up the forums a bit, get things organized and easy to navigate through for anyone browsing them.

    Suggestions for the forum: It's hard to read some of the text when you're editing your profile, and other things. The blue is darker and blends in with the grey and I had to squint to read it correctly. Some of the the headers could be more informative, and some of the subtexts are a little vague. There are some outdated posts from 5 years ago that could also be removed. I don't think they're relevant?

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