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    Chronos coder app



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    Chronos coder app

    Post  Chronos on Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:22 am




    Time zone:
    GMT+1 (CET)

    Past experience as a coder:
    I started coding about 4 years ago, my inspiration was maplestory private servers. I've been coding ever since, I even follow a IT study now in the Netherlands, where I'm from.
    So basically MS and a study

    Past servers you have coder for before:
    Waaaay too much
    -... some other stuff

    What do you code? "java/c++/html/etc..":
    My specialities are Java and JavaScript.
    I understand PHP, HTML, C# and C++ but I'm not really good at making things from scratch with any of these languages.

    Proof you can actually code, Please post a unique script made by YOU:
    Uh, well I don't want to post the best good shit here :p
    here is an example, I made this for a friend some time ago:

     * Npc script that sells any kind of item for a certain amount of points points.
     * @author Chronos

    var status;
    var storage;

    var ITEMS = [// the first number is the item id, the second number is the price, the third number is the amount you GET
        [[4000000, 1, 10], [4000017, 2]], // this would be vote points since its the first option in POINTS variable
        [[4000000, 6, 10], [4000017, 12]], // this would be donation points and so on
        [[4000000, 20, 10], [4000017, 40]]
    ];// if there is not a third number it becomes 1

    var POINTS;
    var START_TEXT = "Hey, I sell stuff for stuff (dont click other points, its an example and will not work, just for reading the script)";
    var BUY_TEXT = "Make your choice.\r\n";

    function start() {
        status = -1;
        POINTS = [
            ["vote points", cm.getVotePoints()],
            ["donation points", cm.getDonationPoints()],
            ["other points", "cm.checkOtherPoints"]
        // you can add more points yourself, just look at how i did it with the others
        action(1, 0, 0);

    function action(m, t, s) {
        (m === 1 ? status++ : cm.dispose());
        if (status === 0) {
            for (var i = 0; i < POINTS.length; i++)
                START_TEXT += "\r\n#L" + i + "#" + POINTS[i][0] + "#l";
        } else if (status === 1) {
            storage = s;
            for (var i = 0; i < ITEMS[s].length; i++)
                BUY_TEXT += "\r\n#L" + i + "##i" + ITEMS[s][i][0] + "# for #b" + ITEMS[s][i][1] + " #r" + POINTS[s][0] + "#k#l";
        } else if (status === 2) {
            if (POINTS[storage][1] >= ITEMS[storage][s][1]) {
                cm.sendOk("hi, a test");
                if (ITEMS[storage][s][2] === undefined)
                    cm.gainItem(ITEMS[storage][s][0], 1);
                    cm.gainItem(ITEMS[storage][s][0], ITEMS[storage][s][2]);
                if (storage === 0)
                else if (storage === 1)
                else if (storage === 2)
                    cm.gainOtherPoints(-ITEMS[storage][s][1]); // WILL NOT WORK CAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST
                // if you added more kind of points in POINTS variable, be sure to add them here as well
            } else
                cm.sendOk("You don't have #b" + ITEMS[storage][s][1] + " #r" + POINTS[storage][0] + "#k.")

    Things you look forward to adding from becoming a coder:
    Honestly, anything. I enjoy coding a lot, especially when it comes to maplestory, I am not applying for full time coder and you should not think of me as some guy who can make fix everything. All I see is a really nice community that I would love to help out. I don't need GM status necessarily, I can code for you on request if you want, it will however slow down coding progress. But its all up to you, hope you accept me Smile

    Skype: NmZero

    I have no proof that that script is actually been made by me btw, no idea how to do that...
    Owner ;]

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    Re: Chronos coder app

    Post  DAMP on Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:32 pm

    I usually can tell by seeing what you code after, ill let put ya to the test lol i have some little stuff that needs done.


    He's lyin!

    Post  Venice on Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:30 am

    Hi, a friend of mine sent this to me. I was an Administrator at AzaleaMS and I can tell you that he is lying. There were only 5 developers ever at Azalea; Me, Hugo, Omar, Maor, and Eli. Unless he is one of them, he's lying. I don't appreciate him putting AzaleaMS as "experience". Consider this when deciding whether to hire him or not. Thanks.


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    Re: Chronos coder app

    Post  Chronos on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:27 am


    after talking a group chat where 5 people constantly called me a liar as I was explaining what happened, that it was a mistake, you guys did not stop screaming that I was a liar and kept on insulting me. I have hard proof of that. I don't know if you were in it, but I assume you were.


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    Re: Chronos coder app

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