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    How to Join GoldStory [v62]

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    How to Join GoldStory [v62]

    Post  DAMP on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:59 pm

    Join GoldStyoy Details:

    -Hamachi needed BUT ITS WAYYY WORTH IT.
    *500x Exp
    *300x Mesos
    *2x Drop
    ##Low rates are pro "Shows who's pro and who's not"
    *Auto Flash Jump
    *No damage cap!
    * Night FM and Night Henesys coming soon!
    Download megaupload.com LEM7NKDS

    How to connect to the server:
    -Download hamachi ( https://secure.logmein.com/US/home.aspx )
    -Once its done go to Network;
    Join existing network;

    Usernames: OMG MS1-OMG MS10 * This is CaPs SeNsItIvE

    ALL Passwords: adt

    Download this: megaupload.com LEM7NKDS
    *This provides you with everything you need to run OMGMS(:
    -Drag the files from the .rar file into your maple v62 folder and click

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